Mark Edward Campos

Thick and Thin

Assigned Material: Metal
Site: Half Moon Bay, CA
Design Intent: Exploit the properties of metal, ground, and ocean views. Metal is massive and strong, yet thin and light. Wind and salt corrode and stain–transforming the building over time. Ground acts as an insulator–reflective and earth bound–while views are directed and expansive. A linear procession takes one from an intimate, earthbound experience through submerged tasting rooms, a program oriented market space, active kitchen incubator, across an expansive bridge, and culminates with a floating restaurant. Temporary retreat style housing overlook the farmlands with ocean views beyond. Throughout the site, gradients were explored from the wild ocean side (West) to the commercial side (East) and depthness (South) to lightness (North) in terms of program, light, noise, and views. Retaining walls hold back earth, pile driven steel anchors the structural bays, and a blade screen system clads the building providing an internal rhythm of light, views, and privacy. In collaboration with: Tammy Lepham