Mark Edward Campos


Nature has a rich history of gradual change. Evolution, soil deposits, the calcification of shells of sea creatures – everywhere we look we see changes of spatial, geologic, and environmental forces marking our landscape with a striated lexicon. The process draws many parallels to topography, mapmaking, and the synthesis of complex datasets. These organic maps provide a framework that I explore in Epochinetics – a striated, real-time framework to synthesize spatial data with temporal data. Epoch, meaning “the marking of a beginning of a period of time” and kinetics come together to give name to what I see as a new paradigm in mapmaking – the necessity to find new forms of representing the spatial data that our digitally 3D technologies are making available to us. 3D data is a rich tool for cartographers today, and I’m imagining a new radical way for us to represent that data.

See it in action on Vimeo.